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Play on 3 reels and 3 paylines, just 5 symbols. The symbols here, five will help you win the combined symbols, including butterflies, blue birds, frogs, water lilies, and the most important symbol of this game, the fountain itself. Use 3 of any of these symbols and you will receive a bonus. The fountain symbol will reward you with a profitable amount of 400, 600 or 800 coins. Try to get a big win of 800 coins with the help of this important sign. You will play and win in a seamless atmosphere, which will take you into a tranquil environment with a stunning graphic representation of the stunning environment. A background with a soothing sound will help the overall calm and help to relax while playing.

rollex11 Foutain of Youth

rollex11 Foutain of Youth 1

rollex11 Foutain of Youth 2

rollex11 Foutain of Youth 3